Architecture and Experience
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Optimize and modernize contact centers and unified communications.

More efficiency, improved service delivery, greater investment return, new customer and user experiences: enterprise architectures have never been under more pressure. Axim is helping contact center and UC teams save millions in inefficiencies, turn big business risks into new opportunities, and deliver seamless and frictionless customer service.

Our approach in action
Managing Nortel
end-of-life –
a 3-step guide
Optimize aging
contact center infrastructure
Drive new customer experiences with legacy technology
Invest in customer service and growth,
yet save $millions
How better management can solve your big CX challenges.
Managing the CX possibility of end-of-life and at-risk technologies.

Businesses must mimimize risk and maximize potential of aging or at-threat CX technologies. Axim’s Enterprise Sustainability Assessment™ helps business create new possibility in CX legacy.

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Architecting business excellence with new and old CX technologies.

CX technology will be the biggest investment businesses make in the next 5 years, but enterprises won’t rip and replace. The answer: Axim’s Enterprise Experience Architecture™.

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Ensuring the highest levels of governance demanded by today’s CX technologies.

The new CX technologies can disrupt marketplaces, but without the right technical governance they can disrupt the business. Axim’s enterprise teams mitigate the danger.

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Filling the widening customer experience skills gaps within an organization.

Organizations must resource for a new world of customer, yet they have a ton of people with CX responsibility. Axim’s Professional Support Services hold the key.

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Our solutions

Enterprise Sustainability Assessment™


the risk of aging
and at-threat


the CX potential
and capability of
current estate


to a new CX

See new potency in CX legacy.

Great CX starts with yesterday’s technology not tomorrow’s. Axim’s Enterprise Sustainability Assessment™ maximizes the potential of legacy to support new customer experiences. It identifies and mitigates at-risk technologies be they aging, end-of-life or at-threat. It highlights unrealized CX latency. Then it roadmaps a CX technology investment strategy that builds on the present, so businesses can better migrate and manage change.

The benefits

  • Contingency plan at-risk CX technologies.
  • Focus aging legacy to deliver better CX.
  • Shape the future CX IT strategy.
  • Deliver the roadmap.
  • Integrate core and business IT around the customer.
  • Deliver disruptive CX that doesn’t disrupt business.

Enterprise Experience Architecture™


current state




CX excellence

Architect enterprise excellence.

Businesses must deliver great experiences today: it means organizational excellence must be architected into the current as well as future state. Axim’s Enterprise Experience Architecture™ helps achieve this. It analyzes enterprise communications legacy and the proliferating CX business technologies, it optimizes the present environment, and it prepares for the CX tech explosion. The result? The organizational excellence great CX demands.

The benefits

  • Architect new systems for better CX.
  • Multi-phase approach to complex transformation.
  • Ongoing visibility of enterprise architectural state.
  • Certified Professionals (TOGAF®).
  • Reduces exposure and risk.
  • Increases project execution efficiency.
  • Sets internal team and customer hand off expectations.
  • Instills design accuracy and functional consistency.

How Axim can help you

Smarter solutions brought to enterprise architecture, networks and cloud.
Increased business return from your customer experience investment.
Axim Evaluata™
Axim Barometa™
Reduced risk from the proliferation of network data and customer channels.
Axim Retina™
Rapid threat detection, faster network forensics and stronger cybersecurity.

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