Axim Analytics Custom Dashboard Success Story

Customer Success Story – Axim Analytics Contact Center Dashboard

Customer: Top US health insurance provider

Customer Challenge: The customer’s contact center spans a large internal telecommunications technology environment, and spans to several external systems provided by Contact Center Outsourcers. Reporting is spread across 10 separate instances of an enterprise contact center reporting platform (4 internal, and 6 Outsourcer-owned). The customer attempted to combine all of these instances into a single dashboard using a large big data platform, but ran into persistent performance issues that resulted in poor enterprise visibility. With their busiest time of year approaching, they needed a way to give stakeholders real-time access to KPI metrics.

Axim Solution: Using our Axim Analytics framework, the Axim team created and deployed a custom dashboard based upon Axim Analytics’s framework that combines real-time feeds from each reporting instance into a single, intuitive, bespoke interface. The core software elements are hosted in the AWS Cloud, and will be supported in concert with an existing third-party Managed Services engagement. Axim Analytics is built from the ground up to enable real- time processing and presentation of massive amounts of data, and provides the customer’s stakeholders with the information they need to insure a successful Annual Enrollment season.

Long-term, this platform enables the customer to normalize their customer contact reporting on their own terms.  This will allow them to add feeds from other systems (e.g.,WFM, IVR) reporting platforms into the new dashboard structure that their business stakeholders now rely upon.

Once this initial build is complete, successive phases will include integrating other platforms (e.g., Predictive Dialer, IVR) into the dashboard to drive further standardization and value.

Axim’s Value: Axim’s proposal was the most commercially and technologically attractive option for the customer.  Rather than locking the customer into a proprietary system with significant licensing and support charges, Axim’s using proven open-source standards in a custom software development model with standard Custom Application Support.  The result – a powerful, tailored reporting experience with a very attractive price tag.

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