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Axim’s Contact Data Analytics

Powerful Insights for your Contact Center

Most contact center solutions provide access to Historical Call Data (e.g., Avaya CMS ECH data), which provides a raw data feed including cradle-to-grave information about every call that touches a call center.  It provides a wealth of information that organizations can use to optimize the way they run their contact centers, identify problems within their customer journeys, and improve customer satisfaction…but only if they have the expertise to convert the raw data into meaningful insights for Line of Business stakeholders, or the budget to have custom reports created.

Axim’s Contact Data Analytics is an online browser-based reporting service that enables customers to extract powerful, actionable insights from the historical data generated by leading contact center platforms like Avaya, AWS Connect, and more.

Contact Data Analytics is subscription-based service offer that is hosted in the AWS Cloud.  As part of the subscription-based service, users upload their historical data outputs via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), and Contact Data Analytics produces the following reports:

Call History – Shows most of the available ECH fields on a per-contact basis. Drill down on a contact ID will display all segments for that contact ID.

Call History Transfer – Provides customers with a report of the transfers that are attempted / completed within the specified date/time range.

Call History Call Termination – shows whether the call was terminated by the agent or by the caller.

Call History Conference – This report will display the conferences that are attempted/completed within the specified date/time range.

Call History Abandon By Skill – This report will display a count of calls that abandon within a specified date/time range after being queued to a skill.

Call History Agent Answered Calls – This report will display a count of incoming calls within a specified date/time range that are answered by an agent. This includes calls that are queued to a skill and answered by the agent, direct agent calls, calls transferred to the agent and calls in which the agent participated in a conference.

(Contact us if you have a need for reporting not represented above – we will gladly consider customization requests.)

Axim’s Contact Data Analytics enables customers to extract value from their data without the cost of creating custom reports, hiring specialized staff to crunch the data, or licensing business intelligence tools to format data for consumption by line of business users.

For more information about Contact Data Analytics please visit analytics or complete the form below to schedule a live demonstration:

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