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Axim Global | 10.14.21
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Press the Easy Button – Axim Costa Rica!

How a Global Solutions Integrator Leveraged Axim Costa Rica to Reduce Costs and Increase Profits for a new Subscription Offer

The Customer Challenge

Tasked with rolling out a new subscription-based communications offer, Axim’s customer needed to get a team in place to handle new client provisioning & onboarding. Because the tasks in scope would be customer-facing, they would set the tone for the rest of the relationship, and directly influence Churn and Customer Lifetime Value. The right solution needed to provide consistently high quality without sacrificing value.

The Solution

After reviewing several options, including using Asia-Pacific-based outsourcers, and delivering the required skills in-house, the customer chose to engage Axim’s Costa Rican Center of Excellence, standing up a dedicated team to own all provisioning, onboarding, and training tasks related to this subscription communication offer.

Axim’s Costa Rican team of resources that combine cultural and geographical proximity to the USA, strong English proficiency, low churn, and the required expertise needed to execute tasks correctly every time.  They were able to quickly integrate with the customer’s team, becoming a trusted advisor


• 100% CSAT over the 18-month engagement (and counting)
• Expansion of in-scope tasks due to quality of delivery, including Resource Management, Project Coordination, Architecture & Design, Training, and Engineering
• 40%+ reduction in cost vs. insourced delivery model, which contributes to reduced time to profits


As an example of the kind of proactive innovation Axim brought to the engagement, after regularly encountering the same questions from new customers, the Axim Costa Rica team created training videos that addressed these common concerns, thereby reducing their time spent answering questions, and increasing time to focus executing on core tasks.

“The process to supplement our staff with resources from Axim was flawless from start to finish.”

-Client Director of Engineering


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