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Client Appraisal

Axim is the Expert who puts you in Control of your Cloud

Axim is the Expert who puts you in Control of your Cloud

We are Customer Advocates who provide the process, tools and framework to help you navigate the confusion, complexity, risk and cost of Enterprise class cloud-based solutions.

Client Appraisal

Vendor complexity, operational complexity and risk, high cost and higher failure rates can limit the success of your cloud. The answer is to get it right from day one. Axim has the industry experience, tools and experts to help you build the right technical, operational and financial models and execution processes. Then we help you vision the transformation, identify the risks and help build the business case. The result? The success of cloud migrations and transformations is in your hands not the Vendor.

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Watertight Financial Modeling

A tight business case for your cloud strategy based on financial and operational modeling


Deep Risk-Assessment

Clear transparency of the big operational, technology, data, security and customer risks, and
the major business threats.


Integrate Transformation

Align Cloud transformation with
CX and Digital transformation programs by identifying the opportunities and benefits to
drive business improvements.


Operational Enhancement

Identify the critical applications, tech and data to rationalize, and
the critical areas for business improvement.


Transformative Thinking

Bring new insight to cloud transformation, re-model digital and Martech, and bring smarter thinking to Migration Planning.


Our Approach

Current-State Assessment and Risk Management

Axim assesses the current state of your Lines of Business, to baseline the technology and operational elements as well as the employee experience. Then we identify your present risk levels, from resilience to applications to security to data. So you have complete visibility of today’s operational state, from which to build a cloud migration or transformation around.

Financial and Operational Modeling

Axim audits your current model, develops a new financial operating model for your cloud then builds the business case for it, using cost-benefit analysis, projected business value and return on investment.

Align to CX and Digital Transformation

Axim helps you identify gaps and opportunities within business units that can be solved with new the technology. Whether that’s new channels, new integration possibilities, consolidated agent pools or enhanced data and analytics, Axim can assess and quantify the benefit to help you align cloud transformation to your CX and Digital transformation programs.

Transformative Thinking

Axim brings strong, clear and new thinking to cloud migration, consolidation and transformation. We re-think cloud models; improve CX and business continuity; and we identify where best to rationalize applications, data management, customer touchpoints and Martech. We re-think financial and operational models, touchpoint technologies and digital marketing integration.

Axim synthesizes all this into a technology requirements definition, and then models the most effective migration plan.

Bring Client Appraisal to your Cloud Strategy

Axim will help you build the right cloud strategy, built on financial and operational modeling, a clear understanding of risk, fully aligned with your transformation initiatives, and built on the critical applications, technologies and data.

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