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Cloud migration

Cloud technologies are no longer emergent. By 2020 83% of enterprise workloads will be in cloud*

Cloud technologies are no longer emergent. By 2020 83% of enterprise workloads will be in cloud*

As more businesses migrate to the cloud, they wrestle with a new set of challenges. Whether it’s a move to the cloud, cloud consolidation, the management of multiple clouds or cloud governance. Axim provides the answer.



Cloud migration

Organizations have a love-hate relationship with the cloud. It brings new possibility and great risks in equal measure. As cloud migrations intensify, cloud maturity deepens, and more migrations stall or shortfall this corporate schizophrenia will only intensify.

Despite advancing cloud infrastructures and technology, migration failure rates have grown 40%*. Axim targets the big failure points, so cloud migrations bring the hoped-for economic benefits. We span cloud lifecycle management: from pre-planning, to solution design and migration phasing, to cloud maturity and optimization.

Whether it’s a move to the cloud, the consolidation of a cloud migration, managing multiple clouds or governance - Axim reduces the business risk of a bad migration and increases the commercial impact of an effective one.

*Visions Solutions

What Axim offers

  • A more robust business case for cloud migration
  • More efficient migration planning and phasing
  • Lower risk of migration failure or stoppage
  • Improved RoI on cloud investment
  • Continuous optimization of cloud deployment
  • Tighter governance of cloud service providers
  • Improved operating efficiency and customer experience
Cloud migration fact sheet
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De-clouding cloud migration
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The benefits


Greater risk management

Identify the critical risks pre-migration, from business continuity to applications to operational risks.


A tighter business case

Strengthen the business case with a cost benefit analysis that looks at capex, opex, operating effectiveness, risk and CX.


Stronger operating models

Baseline current architecture to identify the cloud parameters, technology rationalization and critical dependencies.


Efficient migration planning

Bring tighter discipline to migrations, from application migration design to data migration to migration phasing.


Effective cloud governance

Better manage cloud providers, more productively consolidate multi-clouds, and improve cloud investment management.


Continuous optimization

Monitor key metrics like RoI realization, process efficiency, line of business satisfaction and agent retention.

Customer story

How a world leading medical and research company gained the knowledge to consolidate their legacy technology, reduce their risk exposure and more effectively manage their complete environment.

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Cloud lifecycle management

Axim brings architects, commercial-focus, CX consultants and tech governance to drive high impact, lower-risk cloud migrations. They span pre-planning, solution design, migration planning and phasing, and cloud optimization. We call it lifecycle management and here’s how we deliver it.


Axim creates the right framework for more effective cloud migration, pre‑migration.


Axim builds the blueprint for more efficient phasing and planning of cloud migrations.


Axim continuously optimizes the impact of cloud migrations or cloud consolidation.





Latest thinking

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