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Contact center business intelligence

Don’t boil the contact center data ocean, adopt a ‘measure smarter, not harder’ approach*

Don’t boil the data ocean, take a ‘measure smarter’ approach*

Contact centers face a constant data tsunami. The answer is to drive more business intelligence from the most business-critical data, starting with your call data. Axim’s Contact Data View™ enables just that with your Avaya CMS data.

*Contact Center Pipeline

*Contact Center Pipeline

Contact Data View™

Contact Data View™ (we call it CD View™) is a management information and reporting tool that increases the business value of your Avaya CMS data.

It unlocks the valuable business insight held in your CMS that is a challenge to uncover without a PhD in analytics or a CMS database specialist. CD View™ combines both historical and real-time data from Avaya CMS to provide simpler to access and consume reports that have been curated by experts for contact center operations and business management.

CD View™ meets the big challenges users have today: using the data to feed rapid business insights and achieve efficiency, customer satisfaction and sustainable growth. It makes analysis simpler and faster and makes information accessible to more user groups at a lower cost.

CD View™ doesn’t just focus on data, it also redefines functionality. It employs cloud technology, a smarter web enabled platform that can scale to multiple data streams and it embraces the latest thinking on user experience.

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The benefits


Turn your data into insight

CMS data is valuable, but unless you are an expert in Avaya CMS, gaining insight is challenging.


Zoom in on what is important

Having both real-time and historical data at your fingertips, drill down to zoom in on what is relevant to you.


Define your timeline

Define exactly what timeline interests you, what group of skills or agents, and get your insight.


Ease of use

Web-based, graphically presented with tab data options. Everyone can quickly use this tool to their benefit.


Better value

Get better value from your CMS investment at a transparent single fee per annum.


Avaya expertise

CD View™ has been developed by enterprise architects with hundreds of years of combined expertise in Avaya CMS data.


Axim offers a series of add-ins to supplement CD View™ to your organization’s specific needs.

Detailed Virtualization Baseline™

A current state high level overview depicting customer’s virtualized model. It includes Virtual Machine, VM OS, VM Host Name, Cluster Name, ESXi Host. Additional supplement to current state enterprise overview.

Traffic Performance Assessment™

An ability to architect best in class, more efficient traffic and performance capacity management: to support high volume peaks, upgrades, migrations, consolidations and acquisitions.

Custom RFP services

A three-phased RFP consulting service that combines an initial functional matrix; an availability matrix that combines leading vendors, features, management compliance and operations; and RFP scoring.

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Voice network optimization

The means to successfully navigate the evolution of trunk technologies and complex portfolios of solutions, and plan for an optimized best practice.

Dial Plan design service

The capability to architect Dial Plan resources globally and maximize cost avoidance. A focus on scalability (grow enterprise); acquisitions (dial plan mergers); and consolidations (dial plan conflict avoidance).

AVAYA Aura® Elite Contact Center Optimization

Re-architect AVAYA Aura® Elite Call Center Design to better align with business and operational goals, meet a new set of call mix, resource allocation and skills-based routing challenges.

Contact Center Experience Assessment™

A tool to measure the operating effectiveness of contact center CX delivery. A CCXA™ benchmarks efficiency, identifies major inefficiencies and recommends operational improvements to uplift CX.

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Cost benefit analysis

A cost and benefit modeling process that makes the business case for the CD View™ recommendations, by modeling cost savings, efficiency gains, sales uplift, retention gains, CX costs/gains and outage impacts.

Axim’s Lifecycle
Management process

Axim’s three-staged approach helps embed operational excellence in enterprise communications and customer experience delivery.

Stage 1: Advocacy. We audit and assess your current state then build recommendations to improve operational excellence.

Stage 2: Migration. We design operational migrations and CX maturity programs that create the conditions for operational excellence.

Stage 3: Governance. We help build operational excellence by continuously optimizing enterprise communications and CX.

Axim Lifecycle Management

lifecycle management
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