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Contact center data security

More than 149 billion consumer records were compromised in data breaches in 2018*

Almost 150 billion consumer records were compromised in 2018*

Contact centers are prime for data breaches. They’re home to sensitive data and Personally Identifiable Information and often have outdated or risky data collection. How do you reduce the risks from data breaches? SentryWire could hold the answer.

*CNN/Risk Based Security

*CNN/Risk Based Security


SentryWire is a traffic data capture and analysis tool that enables contact centers to manage the increasing threats of data breaches and corporate reputational damage in their service level agreements.

It captures, logs, files and stores petabytes of data at the world’s fastest speeds and searches it even faster. Think of it as CCTV. Hundreds of days of data can be captured, stored and searched at rapid speeds, so businesses can investigate a historical breach. Near real-time intrusion detection helps them see a threat now. Whilst custom analytics help them to see a risk before it’s happened.

SentryWire helps businesses to see data threats faster, detect and manage a breach quicker so it minimizes the business and corporate reputational risks, and, strengthens their compliance and governance.

5 challenges to effective data security

  • Expansion of the data security plane
  • Little or no data for effective incident response
  • Slow breach detection and containment speeds
  • Cost of compliance and non-compliance rocketing
  • Lack of evidential data limits forensics
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The benefits


Detect and contain security threats faster

Accelerated threat detection, faster incident response and quicker and deeper forensics.


Identify the impact of a breach fast and accurately

Lessen reputational damage, reduce regulatory risks and strengthen compliance strategies.


Integrate into existing data security infrastructure

Integrates with existing security tools and analytics software, open architecture and open source.


Reduce the cost of

Lower cost data breaches, lower cost data storage and lower cybersecurity insurance premiums.


Improve RoI of security and network management tools

Aligns with SIM & SIEM; IDS; network and app performance management; and monitoring tools.


Optimize network, application and capacity management

More efficiently manage network performance and better forecast network capacity.

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