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Announcing General Availability for Axim’s Contact Data Analytics© Service

Developed on Axim’s patent pending Axim Analytics Framework©Contact Data Analytics© is a customer friendly subscription service that ingests real time streaming and historical raw data outputs from customer contact technology platforms at massive scale, and converts those outputs into easily interpretable reports.

Finally, Analytics made simple, with Axim Realtime@Scale© access.

Written for business users by industry experts in the language they use, via Axim’s patent pending Semantics engine, Contact Data Analytics© provides organizations with a previously-unavailable ease of access to their customer contact data that can be converted to meaningful organizational insights.

Contact Data Analytics© enables customers to:

  • Improve customer contact operations
  • Performance against Key Performance Indicators
  • Monitor Key Risk Indicators
  • View interactions from cradle-to-grave
  • Store their interaction data over the life of their operations.

Axim’s Contact Data Analytics© platform can store data on customers’ premises, in a secure data center repository or public cloud service, enabling customer-specific data correlation and the enablement of AI/ML analysis.

Break free from manufacturers’ inadequate and outdated reporting platforms by adopting the most current data analytics platform available today, built on opensource technologies used by some of the largest, most data-savvy organizations in the industry.

Become a power consumer of your Enterprise Communications operational data today, and take back control of your data with Contact Data Analytics©.

At launch, Contact Data Analytics© includes connectors for Avaya Call Management System (CMS); these connectors enable customers to convert their External Call History (ECH) data into powerful, accessible analytics.

The service is available in monthly & annual subscriptions from Axim directly or select business partners, and will soon be available directly via the AWS Marketplace.  After signing up for the service, clients need only connect their CMS ECH feed to Contact Data Analytics© via SFTP, and Contact Data Analytics© converts their data into reports that give them the insights needed to manage their business.

Axim begins by providing the most usable and popular reports requested by our clients (new reports will be added in consecutive releases):

Dashboard TypePurpose
Summary DashboardProvides overview graphics of key data and links to associated reports.
Call HistoryDisplays key ECH data on a per segment basis.
TransferDisplays transfers within the specified date/time range.
ConferenceDisplays conferences within the specified date/time range.
Call TerminationDisplays whether the call was terminated by the agent or by the caller.
Agent Answered CallsDisplays a count of incoming calls within a specified date/time range that are answered by an agent.
Agent Originated External CallsDisplays a count of calls within a specified date/time range that are originated by an agent to an off-switch destination.
Frequent CallerProvides a count of the number of times a call is received from an ANI during a specified period .
Abandon CallsDisplays a count of calls that abandon within a specified date/time range for the disposition VDN.

The Axim Contact Data Analytics© Portfolio roadmap includes the following Integrations:

VendorData FeedData Feed TypeData Type
AvayaCCTransactional FeedHistorical
AvayaCCRT FeedRealtime
Avaya AEPIVRTransactional FeedHistorical
Avaya BREWorkflowTransactional FeedHistorical
GenesysCCExternal Call HistoryHistorical
GenesysCCRT FeedRealtime
Salesforce (SFDC)Digital ChannelsTransactional FeedHistorical
ServiceNowPerformanceTransactional FeedHistorical
Zoom PhoneUCTransactional FeedHistorical
Zoom RoomsVRTransactional FeedHistorical
AWS ConnectCCTransactional FeedHistorical
AWS ConnectCCRT FeedRealtime

*Roadmap priority may vary

To learn more about Axim, including their expertise in consulting, nearshore professional support services, and analytics software development, visit, or send us an email to

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