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Contact Data View™

Drive More Intelligence from Less Contact Center Data

Drive More Intelligence from Less Contact Center Data

Contact centers face a data tsunami. The answer is to drive more business intelligence from the most business-critical data, starting with your call data. Axim’s Contact Data View™ enables just that with your Avaya CMS data.

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Data View™

Contact Data View™ (we call it CD View™) is a management information and reporting tool that increases the business value of your Avaya CMS data.

It unlocks the valuable business insight held in your CMS that is a challenge to uncover without a PhD in analytics or a CMS database specialist. CD View™ combines both historical and real-time data from Avaya CMS to provide simpler to access and consume reports that have been curated by experts for contact center operations and business management.

CD View™ meets the big challenges users have today: using the data to feed rapid business insights and achieve efficiency, customer satisfaction and sustainable growth. It makes analysis simpler and faster and makes information accessible to more user groups at a lower cost.

CD View™ doesn’t just focus on data, it also redefines functionality. It employs cloud technology, a smarter web enabled platform that can scale to multiple data streams and it embraces the latest thinking on user experience.

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Enabled by Axim Analytics

Contact Data View™ is enabled by Axim Analytics, Axim’s foundational data analytics and AI framework. It’s a powerful engine that helps you and us ingest, process and visualize data such that it can provide the required business insights. Axim Analytics is a unique and powerful stack that powers both our own data analytics and machine learning applications.

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Turn your Data into Insight

CMS data is valuable, but unless you are an expert in Avaya CMS, gaining insight is challenging.


Zoom in on what is Important

Having both real-time and historical data at your fingertips, drill down to zoom in on what is relevant to you.


Define your Timeline

Define exactly what timeline interests you, what group of skills or agents, and get your insight.


Ease of Use

Web-based, graphically presented with tab data options. Everyone can quickly use this tool to their benefit.


Better Value

Get better value from your CMS investment at a transparent single fee per annum.


Avaya Expertise

CD View™ has been developed by Enterprise Architects with hundreds of years of combined expertise in Avaya CMS data.

Further Enhance Contact Data View™

Axim offers a range of solutions to extract even more value from Contact Data View™.

Legacy Appraisal

A vendor-agnostic architectural platform that baselines the current enterprise communications, the applications environment and 3rd party adjuncts. It provides complete visibility of enterprise architectures and centralized documentation. And it creates the knowledge to better manage aging technology and legacy.

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Legacy Analysis

A detailed analysis of enterprise communications architectures and the critical risks inherent within them. It enables organizations to minimize service disruption, revenue loss, customer service and delivery problems, corporate reputational issues and reduce the operational dangers of digital transformation.

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Want to Drive More Business Value from your Avaya CMS Data?

Learn how Contact Data View™ will enable more of your contact center team to drive more business intelligence from your CMS data, faster and at lower cost.

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