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Contact System Analyzer™

Axim’s Industry First Platform Analyzer

Axim’s Industry First Platform Analyzer

Avaya contact centers are complex systems and optimizing them can be a daunting task without relevant experience and tooling. Axim’s Contact System Analyzer™ and Axim’s CX Transformation solutions are designed to help you achieve your goal.

Contact System Analyzer™ is an Industry First Platform Analyzer

Avaya contact center systems are complex and if you operate a mid- to large size contact center or even a contact center that spans multiple locations, you are painfully aware of the complexity of the environment.

In many cases the complexity can be quite daunting, and customers frequently don’t dare to change configurations or remove components in fear that they may affect the operation, leading to increased legacy, cost and complexity which in turn increases operational cost and hinders innovation and agility.

Axim’s CX Transformation solutions are designed to support you in reducing complexity and increasing effectiveness, using Axim’s industry first Contact System Analyzer™.

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Axim Contact System Analyzer™ Provides Unprecedented Insights


Axim integrated these components into a unique and powerful stack that powers both our own data analytics and machine learning applications.


Contact System Analyzer™ helps
us all benefit from the best the community has to offer, tailored to your needs as part of a supported Axim offering.


Axim Contact System Analyzer™ also serves as a basis for any Custom Application Software Development efforts we undertake, exposing its full potential to you.


Axim’s Contact System Analyzer™ platform is based upon a range of best in class Open Source components already proven in large environments ranging from Google to Facebook and beyond.



Enabled by Axim Analytics

Contact System Analyzer™ is enabled by Axim Analytics, Axim’s foundational data analytics and AI framework. It’s a powerful engine that helps you and us ingest, process and visualize data such that it can provide the required business insights. Axim Analytics is a unique and powerful stack that powers both our own data analytics and machine learning applications.

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Axim Understands Avaya Systems Inside Out

Axim understands the complexity and the potential of Avaya systems having analyzed and improved some of the largest systems globally.


Unprecedented Insights Through Analytics

Contact System Analyzer™ reads and analyzes Avaya contact center configurations in depth and allows the Axim experts to quickly pinpoint areas of improvement.


Understand Resource Utilization

Contact System Analyzer™ assists in understanding the resource utilization, allowing to “rightsize” your environment.


Reduce Cost of Over-Provisioning

Contact System Analyzer™’s ability to understand resource utilization in-depth provides the ability to manage component and license cost effectively.


Better Prepare your Move to the Cloud

Contact System Analyzer™’s insights are essential to support the preparation for any changes, upgrades or cloud migrations.


Further Enhance Contact System Analyzer™

Axim offers a range of solutions to extract even more value from Contact System Analyzer™.

Legacy Appraisal

A vendor-agnostic architectural platform that baselines the current enterprise communications, the applications environment and 3rd party adjuncts. It provides complete visibility of enterprise architectures and centralized documentation. And it creates the knowledge to better manage aging technology and legacy.

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Legacy Analysis

A detailed analysis of enterprise communications architectures and the critical risks inherent within them. It enables organizations to minimize service disruption, revenue loss, customer service and delivery problems, corporate reputational issues and reduce the operational dangers of digital transformation.

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Legacy Migration

Architectural, best-in-class, strategic migration design and multi-phased planning. It enables high impact, lower risk enterprise communications. Organizations can migrate faster and more cost effectively, mitigate business disruption and inefficiencies, reduce complexity, increase security and future-proof their CX.

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Looking to “Rightsize” and Optimize your Contact Center Environment?

Irrespective if you are trying to “only” optimize or prepare for migrations, possibly even to the cloud, a CX Transformation engagement supported by skilled Axim experts Contact System Analyzer™ will provide you with the confidence that you require.

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