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Custom services

From custom software to professional services, Axim can meet your specific business needs.

From custom software to professional services, Axim can meet your specific business needs.

Our services

Axim has a range of support services spanning software development to subject matter experts. Bespoke not off the shelf, they can be customized to your operational requirements.

We can develop custom products tailored to your data analytics needs that harness AI, predictive and machine learning. Our custom software design capability includes web applications and interfaces, mobile and integrations. Our consultants can engineer the most effective RFPs. Whilst our professional services team can help you better outsource and resource big enterprise communications and customer experience initiatives.

Our custom services

  • Custom software development
  • Custom product development
  • Custom RFP services
  • Professional support services
  • Technical governance

Custom software development

Custom software development is no longer just one option, it’s fast becoming critical for organizations to solve a particular set of requirements. Today’s custom software products have to create greater levels of efficiency in service delivery. Tomorrow’s custom software must enable ChatBots, harness AI, leverage progressive web apps and live within PaaS environments. Axim can provide the answer.

Our custom software capability



  • Automation
  • Custom dashboards
  • CI/CD
  • Tools and accelerators


  • Proximity solutions
  • Augmented reality
  • Wearables
  • Gamification

AI & machine learning

  • ChatBots
  • Deep learning
  • Statistical modeling
  • TensorFlow

Big data & analytics

  • Data engineering
  • Data science
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data visulaization


  • Asset monitoring
  • Condition monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • RTLS


  • Rich Internet applications
  • Frontend technologies
  • Websites and CMS
  • Branding and SEO

Custom RFP services

Axim’s teams can coordinate your entire RFP process from start to finish. We will partner with you to scope the brief, write the RFP to meet all your standards, identify a candidate list of suppliers, review and consult on the responses and shortlist potential partners, coordinate the pitch, develop scoring criteria and provide independent advice during the selection process.

A 3-phased process

Functional matrix

It starts with the right technical scoping. Our team identifies all functional components, the critical integrations and the business needs the solution must serve. This informs the functional matrix.

Availability matrix

Axim reviews the vendor marketplace and selects a candidate list by auditing their offers, against the brief, confirming their roadmap functionality and reviewing their service level agreements.

RFP scoring

The right choice demands the right evaluative criteria. We help you define the right scoring guidelines to ensure consistent scoring free from subjectivity or bias, and to achieve a consensual score for each proposal.

Professional support services

Rapid technical change, accelerating digital transformation and leaner business operating models are creating a perfect storm. More organizations are seeing their workforce structures as a roadblock to success, because they don’t have specialist skill sets on tap. Axim can provide the subject matter experts you need, when you need them and for as long as you need them, on-site, nearshore or offshore.

The Axim support network

Whether it’s the commercial or the government sector, every professional Axim places with a customer has access to our entire network of consultants that span enterprise communications, customer experience and digital transformation – as well as a ton of proprietary delivery tools. Here is a selection of our solutions and products:

Legacy management

Make complex enterprise communications architectures transparent, and better manage the operational impacts of aging legacy.

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Risk management

Isolate and manage the big organizational and commercial risks of inefficient enterprise communications architectures.

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Migration design

Increase the operational impact of complex migrations with better analysis,
smarter design and stronger governance.

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Contact center business intelligence

Harness enterprise communications data to expand analytical possibility, maximize operational effectiveness and cut cost.

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CX efficiency measurement

Measure the operating effectiveness of your contact center CX delivery, and more efficiently deliver more profitable CX.

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CX performance management

Performance manage your customer experience operating model, end-to-end, and increase the return on CX expenditure.

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Axim’s Lifecycle
Management process

Axim’s three-staged approach helps embed operational excellence in enterprise communications and customer experience delivery.

Stage 1: Advocacy. We audit and assess your current state then build recommendations to improve operational excellence.

Stage 2: Migration. We design operational migrations and CX maturity programs that create the conditions for operational excellence.

Stage 3: Governance. We help build operational excellence by continuously optimizing enterprise communications and CX.

Axim Lifecycle Management

lifecycle management
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