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Custom Software Development

Axim Solves your big Custom Software Development Challenges

Axim Solves your big Custom Software Development Challenges

You need custom software solutions delivered rapidly, and cost effectively, so Axim developed a software delivery model that combines on- and offshore development, customized to meet your specific needs.

A New Software Development Model

Custom Software Development is complex, finding and bringing the required expertise and manpower to deliver custom offerings on time, cost and spec can be daunting. While offshoring has often been touted as the solution to the problem, successes for one-off projects are rare. Only organizations that can effectively manage and guide suppliers in-region have managed to reap the benefits.

Axim’s model combines the benefits offshore development with offshore development, to provide customers with an alternative that gives them the benefit from offshoring without the risks.

Our approach to Custom Software Development is designed to be flexible and adaptable to Customer needs, yet at the same time allow Customers to benefit from offshoring without the downsides.

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A SMART Development Methodology


Axim designs the approach around the specific project using Axim’s unique process framework to ensure manageability and transparency.


Axim combines onshore SMEs with planning and Customer interface. You don’t manage offshore resources and you have onshore experts.


Axim manages hand-picked offshore teams and can embed our technical resources in the team, to bring effective communication and monitoring.


Customers can deal with onshore resources on a day to day basis, yet benefit from the cost advantages and resources available offshore.


What Axim has done is to make the process work, a process we also use for our own products so you know we live what we say.




Collaborative Requirements Definition

Axim onshore teams and SME’s work with you to define the requirements and plan the project.


You Approve Detailed Designs

Axim provides prototypes to show functionality you can adjust, and Proofs of Concept if needed


Hands-off Custom Development

Axim delivers defined work packages and timelines, on/offshore teams, SME’s and management.


High Quality and Assurance

Process driven user acceptance testing (UAT) allows you to verify functionality and deliverables.


Development and Governance

Axim can support delivery and deployment if desired, and full lifecycle support is available.


Risk-Free Software Development

Axim gives you the best of both worlds, all of the benefits of offshoring without the risks.

Looking for a Better Approach to Software Development?

See how a new approach to Custom Software development can deliver your Custom Software needs on time, on spec and on cost, and, free you from all of the management headaches.

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