Powered by the Axim Analytics™ framework, Axim delivers enterprise-scale realtime and historical customer interaction insights at blazing speed.

Contact Data Analytics

Historical Reporting for Contact Center Operations Professionals

Contact Data Analytics™ is a SaaS reporting service that converts your contact center historical data feeds into customizable, expert-curated reports built specifically for contact center operations & workforce management professionals.

Built on the powerful Axim Analytics™ framework, Contact Data Analytics™ ingests historical customer journey feeds from leading contact center platforms, and converts them into the essential reports Workforce Management professionals require to operate their Customer Contact center.  Contact Data Analytics™ provides cradle-to-grave reporting of customer interactions via preconfigured reporting about repeat callers, transfers, conferences, abandons, overall call history, and the ability to create custom-filtered reports to draw out specific insights.

Contact Data Analytics™ is available directly from Axim, through our partners, and on the AWS Marketplace.

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Contact Data Analytics is Now Available on the AWS Marketplace! Monthly, Annual, and Multiyear Subscription options Fixed Public Offers and Fully Customizable Private Offers

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