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CX Analysis

Just 34% of Organizations Regularly Review their CX Programs*

Just 34% of Organizations Regularly Review their CX Programs*

Operational efficiency feeds great CX, yet it’s rarely measured. Without it Customers and money will be lost. A Contact Center Experience Assessment™ will measure the operational effectiveness of your CX.



Contact Center Experience Assessment™

A Contact Center Experience Assessment™ (CCXA™) measures the operational efficiency of your customer experience delivery.

A CX management tool, it provides the intelligence to deliver better customer experiences, more consistently and more efficiently. Axim’s Consultants audit your CX environment, your organizational structures, strategic goals and KPIs. Then a Voice of the Environment Study assesses your CX delivery through the eyes of those who deliver it. This is supplemented by Customer insight and a discovery of your CX tools and processes.

The result? Better identify how the contact center can maximize CX; baseline CX metrics and understand Customer Journeys; define the operating efficiency of the CX environment; recommendations on new CX strategies, tools and technologies and a cost benefit analysis quantifies the RoI of these recommendations.

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CX Analysis Fact Sheet

Enabled by Axim Analytics

CCXA™ is enabled by Axim Analytics, Axim’s foundational data analytics and AI framework. It’s a powerful engine that helps you and us ingest, process and visualize data such that it can provide the required business insights. Axim Analytics is a unique and powerful stack that powers both our own data analytics and machine learning applications.

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Baseline Contact Center CX Efficiency

Identify what is efficient and deficient and how it can improve
CX delivery.


Improve Customer Interactions and Cut Costs

See where sales and retention can be improved by better operational CX delivery.


Increase the Return on CX Investment

Optimize your operational efficiency to maximize the impact of new CX tools and technologies.


Uplift your
Key CX Metrics

Deliver a more efficient operational base that grows satisfaction and advocacy, improves service quality and reduces effort.


Boost Employee

Understand the big challenges that employees face and enable them to improve their performance and your CX delivery.


Visibility of the Contact Center’s CX Capability

A clear view of your contact center’s ability to deliver customer experience, all in one place.


Axim offers a series of services and products to customize a CCXA™ to your organization’s specific needs.

Cost Benefit Analysis

A cost and benefit modeling process that makes the business case for the CCXA™ recommendations, by modeling cost savings, efficiency gains, sales uplift, retention gains, CX costs/gains and outage impacts.

Legacy Appraisal

A Vendor platform-agnostic architectural consultancy that baselines current Enterprise Communications and application environment, and 3rd party adjuncts. It provides complete visibility of enterprise architectures and centralized documentation. And it creates the knowledge to better manage aging technology and legacy, and more effectively integrate, consolidate and transform.

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Legacy Analysis

A risk assessment of Enterprise Communications architectures. It enables stronger risk management of Enterprise Communications architectures. Organizations can minimize service disruption, revenue loss, CX risks, corporate reputational issues and the operational dangers of Digital Transformation.

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Legacy Migration

Architectural, best in class, strategic migration design and multi-phased planning. It enables high impact, lower risk Enterprise Communications. Organizations can migrate faster and more cost effectively, mitigate business disruption and inefficiencies, reduce complexity and increase security and future-proof their CX.

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Thought Leadership

Drive New Customer Experiences with Legacy Technology

Legacy Enterprise Communications technologies can’t keep up with customer expectations. Yet Digital Transformation can be long and risky. There’s a third way: apply digital solutions to legacy so it’s more responsive to Customer demand.

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Looking for More Efficient Customer Experience Delivery?

Axim’s CX Consultants will baseline your CX delivery, better understand your Customer Journeys, and recommend new CX strategies, tools and technologies – and build the business case for change.

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