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CX Assessment

Streamline Customer Experience Management

Streamline Customer Experience Management

To better manage your customer experience you need to see CX management through your people’s eyes. Axim’s CX Evaluata™ platform enables you to assess your CX capability throughout the organization.

A Platform for Better Customer Experience

CX Evaluata™ is a web enabled business tool that helps you improve your CX management.

Simply rate CX priorities and assess your CX capabilities. Then algorithms harness a bank of CX insight and intelligence: the strategies of CX leaders; CX maturity life cycles and the DNA of great customer experience.

An immediate report headlines your big CX challenges and how to approach them. CX Evaluata™ highlights your major CX capability strengths and shortfalls and some potential organization-wide fixes. It outlines your CX maturity gaps, where to mature faster, and your CX management focus and priorities.

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Take the Complexity out of CX Management


Rate your CX priorities and assess CX capabilities in less than 10 minutes.


Algorithms harness a bank of competitive CX intelligence and insights.


A customized report details the key CX priorities, where to mature CX, key CX capabilities and better CX strategies.


Strengthen CX management and deliver new CX strategies, better operationalize CX and strengthen
CX governance.


Continually audit to optimize the operational impact of CX strategy, plans and programs.


Enabled by Axim Analytics

Evaluata™ is enabled by Axim Analytics, Axim’s foundational data analytics and AI framework. It’s a powerful engine that helps you and us ingest, process and visualize data such that it can provide the required business insights. Axim Analytics is a unique and powerful stack that powers both our own data analytics and machine learning applications.

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Enhanced CX Delivery

See how your organization can better operationalize CX and enhance your customer delivery.


Improve CX Capability

Identify where CX capabilities are strong & short-falling, and see approaches to improve CX operating effectiveness.


Clear CX Focus

Gain an independent perspective from CX consultants on your real CX priorities, and new thinking on how to achieve them.


New CX Thinking

Understand the strategies, programs and plans of the CX leaders, and see how they could reshape your CX strategy.


Targeted CX Transformation

Baseline your CX maturity, where it is most and least mature, and recognize where your CX most needs to mature.


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Streamline Customer Experience Management

The more customer-centric businesses become, the more complex their CX ecosystems become. Great experiences are driven by great CX management, not customer management.

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