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CX Operational Governance

Maximize the Business Impact of Customer Experience in your Contact Center

Maximize the Business Impact of Customer Experience in your Contact Center

Axim brings strong governance to CX execution in the contact center. Our AI-based performance metrics and analytics tools help you drive KPIs, optimize operational performance and better manage your CX delivery.

CX Operational Governance

Enterprises must constantly optimize technology and business processes as they align their digital, IT, data and CX strategies. Axim has developed an Operational Governance program to meet these challenges. It spans continuous cost improvement, performance monitoring, satisfaction measurement and CX optimization programs. It helps you maximise your delivery of CX in the contact center and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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Identify CX Strengths and Weaknesses

Baseline then monitor the changes in the organization’s CX maturity to prioritize initiatives that deliver the most impact and track how they improve CX.


Continuous Optimization

Evolve your contact center operations to meet the constantly changing needs of your customers, employees, and management teams.


Increased Effectiveness

Ensure your contact center optimizes its use of technology to grow CX effectiveness and customer and employee satisfaction.


Constant Transformation

Roadmap future digital, data, IT and operational strategies into your contact center, and integrate Martech and vendor innovations to maximise CX return.



Our Approach

Baseline CX Maturity

Axim’s toolsets are used to baseline the contact center's CX maturity, identify the strengths and weaknesses, then focus on the initiatives that improve efficiency and streamline customer interaction to drive the most impact on customers and employees.

Continuous CX Improvement

Axim implements a program of continuous improvement, driven by frequent ‘Voice of’ programs. We listen to customers, agents, supervisors, IT teams and management. We work this feedback into recommendations to optimize how the contact center delivers CX to meet constantly changing needs of all critical stakeholders.

Drive Contact Center Effectiveness

Axim helps you maximise the technology you have today, as well as looking at what features and functionality what would bring benefit in the future. We look at the integrity of CX delivery, LoB operations, reporting and data. We review business continuity and we examine the effectiveness of the omnichannel across enterprise touchpoints and digital marketing. And we assess customer, employee and LoB satisfaction.

Future CX Transformation

Axim understands your enterprise digital, data and IT strategies; the LoB operational and technology strategies; Vendor roadmaps; and looks outside of the enterprise to CX and Martech innovations. Then we build this into a strategy to help you drive CX change in the contact center, not be driven by it.

Bring CX Operational Governance to your Contact Center

Axim’s Governance program ensures operational success and helps you to continually optimize technology and processes to impact CX within operational business units. We also ensure your CX stays ahead of the future.

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