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CX Optimization

$6bn is Spent on CX Management, $62bn is Lost to Poor Customer Service*

$6bn is Spent on CX Management, $62bn is Lost to Poor Customer Service*

Organizations are spending $millions on CX, yet losing Customers. Why? CX sprawl is creating sub-standard CX delivery. Organizations must better performance manage their CX delivery and CX View™ could be the answer.

*Touchpoint and New Voice Media

*Touchpoint and New Voice Media

CX View™

CX View™ is a customer experience performance management platform, it helps turn inefficient CX ecosystems into operationally efficient CX delivery.

Axim audits your CX structures and enterprise-wide CX initiatives. A Voice of the Environment Study measures your organization’s CX capabilities through your people’s eyes. Then our Analysts apply industry performance benchmarks to identify where your CX ecosystem performs or underperforms.

This information is streamed to a CX performance dashboard. You get a full picture of your CX operational performance across the entire enterprise CX ecosystem. Then Axim’s Consultants outline strategies to better performance manage your CX ecosystem. CX View™ is repeated quarterly, so you can measure the operational improvement in your CX delivery.

CX Optimization Fact Sheet

Enabled by Axim Analytics

CX View™ is enabled by Axim Analytics, Axim’s foundational data analytics and AI framework. It’s a powerful engine that helps you and us ingest, process and visualize data such that it can provide the required business insights. Axim Analytics is a unique and powerful stack that powers both our own data analytics and machine learning applications.

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Visibility of CX Across the Enterprise

A full picture on all CX structures and initiatives across all departments and levels, in one place.


Baseline Operational CX Performance

Clarity of operational performance and effectiveness at all levels and departments, benchmarked against strong industry performers.


More Effective CX Performance Management

Identify where operationally your CX underperforms, see where to target performance gains, and measure continual improvement.


Uplift Critical CX Metrics and Measures

Identify operational performance areas that will improve CSAT, advocacy, service quality, and, reduce customer effort.


Employee Engagement

Understand the big challenges that employees face and enable them to improve their performance and your CX delivery.


Improve Customer Interactions and Cut Costs

Focus on the areas where better CX delivery will impact sales and retention most.


Axim offers a series of enhancements to customize CX View™ to your organization’s specific needs.

Cost Benefit Analysis

A cost and benefit modeling process that makes the business case for the CX View™ recommendations, by modeling cost savings, efficiency gains, sales uplift, retention gains, CX costs/gains and outage impacts.

Legacy Appraisal

A Vendor platform-agnostic architectural consultancy that baselines current enterprise communications and application environment, and 3rd party adjuncts. It provides complete visibility of enterprise architectures and centralized documentation. And it creates the knowledge to better manage aging technology and legacy, and more effectively integrate, consolidate and transform.

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Legacy Analysis

A risk assessment of Enterprise Communications architectures. It enables stronger risk management of Enterprise Communications architectures. Organizations can minimize service disruption, revenue loss, CX risks, corporate reputational issues and the operational dangers of Digital Transformation.

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Legacy Migration

Architectural, best in class, strategic migration design and multi-phased planning. It enables high impact, lower risk enterprise communications. Organizations can migrate faster and more cost effectively, mitigate business disruption and inefficiencies, reduce complexity and increase security and future-proof their CX.

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Thought Leadership

5 Ways to Strengthen your Contact Center CX

Being responsive to Customer needs is no longer enough. Over half your Customers have even higher expectations than they did a year ago - so if your CX hasn’t moved on in the last 12 months you’re already sub-standard in their eyes. How do you build a more effective contact center experience?

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Looking to Optimize your Customer Experience Delivery?

Axim’s CX Consultants will bring a customer experience performance management platform, to turn inefficient CX ecosystems into operationally efficient ones, and continually measure, assess and optimize your enterprise.

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