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Data Consulting

Maximize your Data Investment

Maximize your Data Investment

As Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence systems proliferate, and cloud migrations accelerate, data governance becomes critical to any enterprise data strategy. Axim’s Data Consulting Services could be the answer.

Bring Strong Governance
to Data Strategies

Getting the most out of your data investments can be difficult, often businesses find themselves in a position where they have built Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence systems and are failing to reap the promised rewards.

Axim has a wealth of experience in building valuable and effective data driven systems at scale and can help you realise the full potential of your data investments. We can also assist in evaluating technologies and solutions to solve particular data needs such as cloud migrations of data warehouses and “data vault” style models.

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Data Consulting Services

Data Profiling
Data Lineage
Data Retention
Data Storage & Retrieval
Data Utilization
Data Archival

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Looking to Maximize your Data Investment?

Axim’s Data Consulting Teams will bring strong governance to your data strategy, from utilization to value creation to migration.

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