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Directional Analysis

Axim Helps you Select the
Best-Fit Cloud Vendor

Axim Helps you Select the Best-Fit Cloud Vendor

Axim’s understanding of vendor capabilities, performance benchmarks, vendor score carding and deep contractual knowledge, enables “best vendor” selection.

Directional Analysis

Identifying the Vendor to meet your business needs, your timescale and your budget requires a thorough understanding of the marketplace. In an environment where established Vendors are promoting their cloud solutions, new entrants are bringing innovation and challenging price structures and value add business are reselling both, how do you determine which direction to go? Axims’ experience will guide you.

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Understand the Business Needs

Create clear definitions of the business and technical requirements to define the baseline against which Vendor selection takes place.


RFP Creation and Score-Carding

Create RFP’s that articulate the needs of the business, identify suitable Vendors and review submissions through detailed score-carding.


Vendor Review Support

Cut through Vendor sales presentations to identify technical and operational gaps, solution shortcomings and potential cost risks.


Stronger Procurement

Provide Procurement with rich vendor performance data and the intelligence to better negotiate contracts.


Financial and Contract Review

Ensure contracts and finances align with commitments made through the Vendor selection process and with the business case.


Customer Stories

Read how Axim helped rationalize multiple cloud service providers into a single cloud vendor platform, saved our customer 60% on IT costs.

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Our Approach

Identify the Business Needs

Axim helps you define the requirements any new Vendor will need to deliver against. We capture your needs in areas such as resilience, integration, networking and security as well as focusing on the business requirements such as agent, supervisor and administration needs.

Shortlist the Vendors

Axim can build RFI and RFP documents that encapsulates your functional and non-functional requirements. We also create a vendor selection model to identify the best-fit vendors for your migration, consolidation or transformation

Vendor Review and Selection

Axim brings a deep understanding of vendor capabilities, performance benchmarks, vendor score-carding and deep contractual knowledge. We support you during Vendor presentations and meetings to cut through sales talk and look at how your needs will be really met. Being vendor-agnostic, we avoid any conflict of interest or preferential selection during Vendor reviews and score-carding exercises.

Financial and Contract Review

Axim helps you review the selected Vendors contracts against the selection criteria. By partnering with your Finance and Procurement teams, we also review the financials to ensure these align to, or exceed, the expectations in the business case and provide guidance on negotiating points to secure the best contracts.

Bring More Experience to Cloud Vendor Selection

Axim brings an extensive knowledge of vendor capabilities and performance benchmarks help you identify the right vendor, then we support procurement to negotiate the right contract.

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