Enterprise Augmentation & Extension

Modern Technologies Require Modern Skills

One the key challenges organizations face today is having access to the skills required to keep pace with new technologies and deliver the modernization that creates great customer experience. Axim’s Enterprise Team Augmentation & Extension services help our clients address this challenge by providing the modern skills and certifications they require when they need them.

Team Augmentation

Axim’s Enterprise Augmentation Services provide dedicated full-time resources with the specific skills, expertise, and certifications you need to build great customer experiences.  Our in-theater and nearshore resources integrate seamlessly with your existing team and work at your direction.   We offer customizable engagements that bring certified expertise in a variety of modern technologies used by today’s enterprises.

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Axim global has advanced technological capabilities
Case Study
Benefis Health   

Learn how a large regional healthcare system relies on Axim’s Enterprise Augmentation services for hard-to-find skilled technology talent.

Case Study

A Fortune 100 Financial Services company trusts Axim’s Enterprise Augmentation services for the technical talent needed to deliver a critical technology project.

Team Extension

Our Enterprise Team Extension Services enable clients to create teams with diverse technology-specific skills and expertise via dedicated and designated team models.  Delivered from Axim’s Center of Excellence in Costa Rica, and managed in-theater, Axim’s highly-trained, highly-effective associates employ our continuous improvement process to deliver financial value and predictable outcomes for our clients.  

Case Study – ConvergeOne

A leading IT services provider of collaboration and technology solutions trusts Axim’s Enterprise Extension Services to provide Application Support as a Service (ASaaS) to a revenue-generating customer platform.

Our Enterprise Team Extension capabilities include: 

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Nearshore Paradise

Based in the Happiest Country on Earth, our Costa Rican Center of Excellence helps Axim create some of the happiest customers on Earth.

Fully staffed by Axim full-time employees, our team delivers modern skills, industry experience, and predictable value while consistently gaining top customer satisfaction ratings.

What makes Axim’s Center of Excellence different?

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