How a CX vision can bring new efficiencies to your contact center

Contact centers today recognize the importance of great CX for their business. They know where they want to get to but many are not sure how to get there. Competing priorities and multiple stakeholders can make it difficult to know where to concentrate and what to ignore.

It’s common for businesses to have a vision whether that be organizational, brand, or commercial. But more and more it’s becoming necessary to build a vision that is focused on customer experience delivery.

It’s the experience that sets you apart from the rest and without a focused vision to drive it forward, the strategic and day to day decision making becomes rudderless.

The CX vision should work alongside the business intent not instead of it. If the two aren’t aligned inefficiencies occur and the potential rewards for delivering exceptional customer experience won’t be realized.

Combining the rational (the business) with the more emotional (the customer experience) ensures checks and balances are in place. Everyone knows the brand of customer service they are delivering and investment in new tech tools will be done so with real focus and consideration, not because it’s the newest craze.

It can be easy to consign a CX vision to the realms of intangible fluff but when developed alongside the business it can bring new efficiencies. Here are three ways a CX vision can make your customer experience as well as your operations and processes more effective.

1. Maximizing you best asset: your people 

Your agents are the delivers of the experience. They are on the front line interacting and engaging with your customers and they know first-hand what makes customers tick.

Use this to your advantage. Work directly with your agents to create a clear picture of your customer and transform this into a CX vision that everyone can get behind. Involving agents in the development stages will boost engagement which is a key driver of the agent experience.

With a defined vision in place you can refine hiring, onboarding and training programs to ensure you are attracting and keeping the right people.

2. Future-proofing technologies

When adapting to meet changing market needs the temptation is to add in a new technology. But, how can you be sure that the right technologies that serve you well now can do so in the future? Will they be prepared for the exploding CX technologies and the growing channels?

Understanding the current state through the lens of CX vision is the first step. Aligning digital and CX strategies helps determine what to replace, retire, optimize and invest in. Strengthen decision making with the customer insights gathered through the Voice of the Customer.

3. Uniting the contact center and the business

The role and perception of the contact center continues to evolve. As the connector between the business and its customer the contact center is well placed to gather vital business and customer intelligence. As its mode of operation broadens KPIs and metrics from the business side could start to move across into the contact center.

This bringing together of what’s traditionally been two disconnected entities will only be successful if the drivers and ambitions are the same. A unifying CX vision that spans and is understood by every aspect of the business and contact center will focus minds and unite everyone under one purpose.

These are just some of the ways that a unified CX vision can enable effective change within the contact center and create the environment necessary for great CX to grow. It starts with a unifying force: your CX vision but it ends in more sales, better efficiencies and greater customer loyalty.

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