Key Enterprise Communications Trends for 2022, part 2: Micro-Transformations

Part 2 –  Micro-Transformation

Micro-Transformations are focused enhancements to an existing solution or technology that expand, improve, or refine current capabilities.  When compared to traditional, disruptive, big-bang-style change, a Micro-Transformation-focused strategy can bring several benefits, including:

Building on what works.  Rather than trading out your entire technology stack or cloud solution to add a few capabilities, Micro-Transformations enable you to build on top of what already works, containing the risk of change to the new capability itself instead of potentially destabilizing the overall environment

Limiting the scope of change.  Enhancing your current communications technology capabilities is far simpler than replacing the entire stack, and requires less planning, fewer resources from your team, and less money as well.

Enabling enterprise control of the roadmap.  If your organization relied on a single provider for your communications & customer contact technology, it is likely that provider owned (or had significant control over) your roadmap.  By adopting a Micro-Transformational approach, you can identify new capabilities and integrate them into your technology portfolio when you need them, not when your technology  provider is ready to release them.

Micro-Transformations also come with their own considerations.

Now that your roadmap is back in your control, it is up to you to ensure that it is well-run.  You must continue to manage the overall ecosystem and evolve it in a thoughtful, intentional, well-planned manner.  Done without proper planning and controls, your communications and customer contact ecosystem can wind up looking less like a well-oiled machine and more like Frankenstein’s monster.

Current software integrations enable multiple disparate solutions to work together to provide a wide variety of capabilities, but drawing correlated real-time and historical insights from a diverse communications technology stack requires tools suited for the purpose, and people who know how to put them to use to do more than regurgitate data feeds from each platform.

Ensuring a great experience for your customers requires putting the data that your customer contact environment generates into productive use, improving the real time experience. Each separate Micro-Transformation brings a change to the data you generate about your customer’s journey, potentially introducing a new source that must be integrated skillfully into the journey map.

Successfully operating an ecosystem evolved through Micro-Transformations requires the tools and talent to aggregate and normalize disparate sources of data, enabling you to draw timely insights that can be used to improve outcomes on an ongoing basis.

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