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Legacy Analysis

60% of Contact Center Employees Say Old Technology is a Major Business Risk*

60% of Contact Center Employees Say Old Technology is a Major Business Risk*

Aging enterprise legacy technologies create massive operational risk, yet many organizations cannot quantify it. An Enterprise Sustainability Assessment™ could be the answer.

*Call Centre Helper

*Call Centre Helper

Enterprise Sustainability Assessment™

An Enterprise Sustainability Assessment™ (ESA™) de-risks your enterprise communication architecture.

Delivered by the industry’s most experienced architects it is built around a simple principle: effective risk management only happens with total visibility of the current state. They build an up-to-date picture of your enterprise architecture estate and product lifecycles. Then they identify the big organizational risks, and the potential impacts on service disruption, business continuity, disaster recovery and customer experience.

The result? A recommendation on how to manage immediate risks, and the longer term risks inherent in consolidation, migration to new environments or platforms, and Digital Transformation strategies.

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Legacy Analysis Fact Sheet



A Complete Picture of the Enterprise Landscape

See current state geographic, architecture and trunking and data network topology.


Identify the Most At-Risk Technologies

Better manage end-of-life, aging legacy and at-risk technologies.


Mitigate High-Risk Enterprise Architecture

Minimize service disruption and optimize business continuity and disaster recovery.


Understand the Inherent Risks in Enterprise Re-Architecture

Better plan consolidation, Digital Transformation and Cloud migration strategies.


Increase CSAT and Reduce Customer Effort

Enable better customer service and better user experiences.



Vendor and platform agnostic consultants who draw on hundreds of years of large-scale enterprise design experience.

Customer Stories

Read how Axim helped mitigate high legacy risk, operational inefficiency and CX weaknesses that threatened customer service delivery.

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Axim offers a series of services and products to customize an ESA™ to your organization’s specific needs.

Cost Benefit Analysis

A cost and benefit modeling process that makes the business case for the ESA™ recommendations, by modeling cost savings, efficiency gains, sales uplift, retention gains, CX costs/gains and outage impacts.

CX Analysis

A tool to measure the operating effectiveness of contact center CX delivery. A CCXA™ benchmarks efficiency, identifies major inefficiencies and recommends operational improvements to uplift CX.

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Contact Data View™

Contact Data View™ is a management information and reporting tool that increases the business value of your Avaya CMS data. It unlocks the valuable business insight held in your CMS that is a challenge to uncover without a PhD in analytics or a CMS database specialist. CD View™ combines both historical and real-time data from Avaya CMS to provide simpler to access and consume reports that have been curated by experts for contact center operations and business management.

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Contact Data Stream™

Contact Data Stream™ effectively ingests data from a wide range of sources and provides you a single API that you can access that data from. It normalizes data into a single uniform taxonomy. Irrespective of vendor or data stream, Contact Data Stream™ provides access to a uniform data model. Contact Data Stream™ can help power 3rd party analytics and machine learning by providing a single interface to query. It also allows you to consume real-time data and event streams.

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Want to Know the Biggest Risks to your Enterprise Communications Legacy?

Axim’s brings the industries most experienced architects to analyze and risk-profile your enterprise architecture estate and product lifecycles. It will help you manage immediate risks, and the longer-term risks inherent in consolidation, migration to new environments or platforms, and Digital Transformation strategies.

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