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Legacy Migration

Migration Failures have Risen by Over 40% in Two Years*

Migration Failures have Risen by Over 40% in Two Years*

Technology migrations are becoming too complex and costly. The right design and planning can massively reduce failure rates. Find out how an Enterprise Communications Migration Design™ could help.

*Vision Solutions

*Vision Solutions

Enterprise Communications
Migration Design™

An Enterprise Communications Migration Design™ (ECM™) enables high impact and lower risk enterprise communications migrations.

Vendor platform-agnostic Architects deliver best in class strategic migration design and multi-phased planning, built around best practices phased enterprise migration planning – whether it’s premise to premise, premise to hybrid cloud or cloud to cloud. Deliverables include current contact center telephony diagram sets; feasibility analysis; end state platform and application requirements; migration design and technical governance.

Axim goes beyond technical design to your enterprise’s business-critical outcomes: to mitigating the risks of migration, optimizing commercial impact, and maximizing RoI. Why? Because success or failure is determined by the right initial design and smarter planning.

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Faster and Lower Cost Migrations

Designed for quicker and more cost-effective enterprise communication migrations.


Increased Risk Focus

Driven to reduce business disruption and downtime and reduce future security risks.


Greater Business Benefit

Improve the costs of doing business, maximize RoI and reduce TCO.


Enhanced Efficiency

Reduce complexity, increase efficiency and optimize performance.


Customer Service Excellence

Future-proof the continued and expanded investment in customer experience delivery.


Independent Architects

Vendor and platform agnostic with hundreds of years of large scale enterprise design experience.


Axim offers a series of services and products to customize an ECM™ to your organization’s specific needs.

Cost Benefit Analysis

A cost and benefit modeling process that makes the business case for any ECM™ recommendations, by modeling cost savings, efficiency gains, sales uplift, retention gains, CX costs/gains and outage impacts.

Voice Network Optimization

The means to successfully navigate the evolution of trunk technologies and complex portfolios of solutions, and plan for an optimized best practice.

Dial Plan Design Service

The capability to architect Dial Plan resources globally and maximize cost avoidance. A focus on scalability (grow enterprise); acquisitions (dial plan mergers); and consolidations (dial plan conflict avoidance).

AVAYA Aura® Elite Contact Center Optimization

Re-architect AVAYA Aura® Elite Call Center Design to better align with business and operational goals, meet a new set of call mix, resource allocation and skills-based routing challenges

CX Analysis

A tool to measure the operating effectiveness of contact center CX delivery. A CCXA™ benchmarks efficiency, identifies major inefficiencies and recommends operational improvements to uplift CX.

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Contact Data View™

Contact Data View™ is a management information and reporting tool that increases the business value of your Avaya CMS data. It unlocks the valuable business insight held in your CMS that is a challenge to uncover without a PhD in analytics or a CMS database specialist. CD View™ combines both historical and real-time data from Avaya CMS to provide simpler to access and consume reports that have been curated by experts for contact center operations and business management.

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Contact Data Stream™

Contact Data Stream™ effectively ingests data from a wide range of sources and provides you a single API that you can access that data from. It normalizes data into a single uniform taxonomy. Irrespective of vendor or data stream, Contact Data Stream™ provides access to a uniform data model. Contact Data Stream™ can help power 3rd party analytics and machine learning by providing a single interface to query. It also allows you to consume real-time data and event streams.

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Looking for High Impact and Lower Risk Enterprise Communications Migrations?

Axim’s vendor platform-agnostic Architects deliver best in class strategic migration design and multi-phased planning, built around best practices phased enterprise migration planning – and focused on business-critical outcomes: from mitigating the risks of migration, to optimizing commercial impact, and maximizing RoI.

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