Making Your Customer Contact Data AI-Ready

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become essential tools for the modern enterprise, helping organizations streamline processes and uncover data to make better business decisions. There are examples of applications across all verticals of how AI and ML help organizations work smarter and create significant competitive advantages.

Many companies use ML/AI to improve customer interactions, creating better experiences for their clients, and increasing brand preference as a result. One of the key challenges with accomplishing this at scale is that customer contact technologies generate large amounts of data, and each solution and service generates data in its own format. Particularly in CCaaS and CPaaS solutions, many of these reporting outputs are not customizable, leaving the customer to manipulate the data on their own in order to make it useful.

The overall result – a large volume of disparate data, lower validation accuracy, and less reliable predictions that may or may not have any meaningful business value.
Creating useful AI/ML models requires high-quality, consistent, labeled data. Having a normalized data set increases validation accuracy of the model, which leads to better predictions and actionable insights.

To meet this challenge, the Axim Analytics framework converts data from multiple disparate sources into a standardized set of data that is optimized for use by AI/ML engines.  Axim Analytics is a cloud-native framework built on industry-leading opensource platforms. Using software connectors and APIs to ingest data, Axim Analytics transforms real-time data feeds in flight, resulting in single-screen access to voice- and non-voice-channel reporting at unrivaled speed and scale.

To deliver AI/ML-ready data, Axim’s customer contact reporting experts created a standard set of definitions and calculations and normalized reporting feeds from customer contact providers to it. All data entries carry metadata tags to provide persistent data lineage, and can be presented in bespoke, context-specific dashboards, or fed into the client’s choice of Business Intelligence tools.

What Axim Analytics ultimately delivers is normalized data that is optimized for AI/ML engines to create accurate, powerful insights and predictions.

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