CX management
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CX management

Make CX infrastructures
operationally more effective.

Organizations are investing in the people, processes and platforms to transform CX. Many don’t see a return because they don’t operationalize this ecosystem efficiently. Axim makes CX infrastructure more effective and CX investment yield faster.

How better management can solve your big CX challenges.
Accelerating customer experience transformation across the enterprise.

70%+ of businesses are in a hurry to expand their CX offering. The answer isn’t to do more but to identify the priorities: Axim’s Barometa™ provides that focus.

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Understanding present CX capabilities before developing new ones.

Businesses have a multitude of CX owners, capabilities and technologies, yet they want more. Axim helps businesses better evaluate their CX posture and their critical gaps.

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Reimagining customer experience by rethinking customer journeys.

Customer journey mapping often seems more about process than customers. Axim rebalances this with experience mapping and the Voice of Experience.

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Creating a shared definition of customer experience, organization wide.

Organizations infrequently share a definition of their brand of customer experience, so it’s rarely seamless. Axim helps create the CX true north and aligns businesses around it.

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Our solutions

Axim Evaluata™


CX challenges
through employee’s


the success
strategies of
CX leaders


to a more
effective CX
delivery strategy

Make CX investment
work harder.

Businesses spend millions on CX yet customer churn is still high and retention too low. How do you increase the return on investment? Axim’s Evaluata™ is the answer. A CX analytical tool, it assesses the big internal blocks that inhibit you delivering great CX, then it identifies how to better operationalize your CX delivery – so your CX investment works harder to increase sales and increase loyalty.

The benefits

  • Identify the critical improvements to your CX capability.
  • See new solutions to your big customer experience challenges.
  • Bring market leading CX thinking to your CX strategy.
  • Deliver better experiences to your customers.
  • Bring greater focus to customer experience transformation.
  • Provide leadership focus.

Axim Barometa™


the customer’s
experience, focus
and expectations


CX on greatest
and fastest


business change
and customer

Accelerate customer experience transformation.

New customer experiences must come faster, yet transformation takes years. Barometa™ from Axim identifies CX initiatives with near-term not long-term impact. How? By assessing CX operating models, recognizing what customers see as better CX, and pinpointing the critical moments of truth in their journey. Then we identify where to better operationalize CX, outline the priority and build roadmaps to realize transformative CX faster.

The benefits

  • Better manage CX legacy.
  • Dismantle CX silos.
  • Deliver consistent CX.
  • Create a shared CX vision.
  • Identify culture changes.
  • Provide leadership focus.
  • Go beyond CSAT, NPS and CES.
  • Improve customer acquisition and retention.

How Axim can help you

Smarter solutions brought to enterprise architecture, networks and cloud.
Increased business return from your customer experience investment.
Axim Evaluata™
Axim Barometa™
Reduced risk from the proliferation of network data and customer channels.
Axim Retina™
Rapid threat detection, faster network forensics and stronger cybersecurity.

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