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New Thinking

Introducing the latest in thought leadership from Axim

Introducing the latest in thought leadership from Axim

Read new perspectives on Enterprise Communications, and see the cloud, legacy technology, data and customer experience in a different light.

Enterprise Communications

A New Enterprise Communications Transformation Model

Digital transformation should give us more control over operations, risk, costs, customers, and our technology providers and partners. But it’s bringing less control: creating more complexity, spawning unmanageable ecosystems, and increasing cost and inefficiency. Read how a new transformation management model will put you back in the driver’s seat.

Digital Transformation

Reduce Digital Transformation Risk

Digital Transformation brings great opportunity, but real dangers too. Digital transformation risk is the number 1 concern of Directors, CEOs and Senior Executives, over 70% of all digital transformation initiatives don’t meet their goals, and of the $1.3tn that is spent $900bn is wasted. What’s the answer? Read how a new management model will cut the risk of digital transformation failure.

Cloud Transformation

How to Avoid a Cloud Migration Failure

This year organizations will spend over $3.5bn on cloud migration. Too many will waste their money. Around 50% of cloud migration projects are stalling or failing depending on the provider. Many more are becoming too complex or over-budget. How do you avoid it? Read how a new management model will deliver a lower risk and lower cost cloud migration.

Professional Support Services

A Smarter Approach to Specialist IT Staff Augmentation

Enterprises spend $billions on augmenting their specialist IT resource, many don’t see the return. Cost reductions become over-runs, management focus is increased, and reliability and quality challenges mean specialists often add to delivery times, not cut them. Read how a radically different approach to IT staff augmentation could be more profitable to your business.