Non-Profit Case Study

Customer Challenge​

One of America’s biggest non-profits needed help choosing and adopting an enterprise standard CCaaS solution that met the financial, operational and technical requirements of their diverse lines of business. An ambitious undertaking, our client needed to consolidate 10 separate, private cloud-hosted contact center systems, CRM platforms and Case Management solutions into a single enterprise platform to support the entire organization.

Axim performed a detailed review of the client’s existing contact center environments, including: multiple outsourcers, core technology, adjacent applications, carrier connectivity, networking and trunking. We worked with their line of business stakeholders to baseline the current operational state and document the requirements of each, from Agent & Customer experience to disaster recovery. We compared this baseline with their business requirements to highlight key gaps that were causing inefficiency, risk and lost revenue.

Axim’s analysis of the enterprise communication’s environment identified the heart of the problem: a diverse and largely siloed organizational model with a segmented and diverse infrastructure driven by highly varied individual LoB strategies.

The result: major duplication and overlap, unnecessary expense, major complexity, inefficiency, and $4 Million+ in savings over the first two years.

a service tech working on a bank of servers

AXIM Solution

Axim recommended migrating from the present LoB contact center strategy to a single enterprise standard contact center platform to provide a consistent customer experience, achieve a wide variety of business priorities, and accommodate surges in demand by easily expanding the pool of available agents in emergency situations. 

We identified more than $10 million in 5-year cost savings achieved by reducing multiple technology providers, multiple carrier connections, outsourced agents and introducing new digital capabilities that increased donations by leveraging the customer’s existing digital footprint to reduce friction in the donation process. Axim highlighted strategies to improve customer delivery and enable a single, consolidated view of donors and customers.

Axim helped the client select the best potential solution providers to deliver the client’s vision state, using our expertise to evaluate proposals and sort the pretenders from those vendors who could truly deliver our client’s expectations. We created a custom scorecard to empirically highlight the best potential solutions for our client’s specific requirements.

Working with the organization’s finance team Axim created a clear financial picture of the shortlist vendors, modelling expected cost savings, implementation and operation cost, projecting the Net Present Value of the Net Benefit over a five-year period. The chosen vendor was able to deliver $10 million+ in savings over five years via cloud consolidation across the whole call center operation, with a 50% saving over current spend on call center technology costs alone.

Why Axim?

Axim proven three-staged process to transform the Enterprise Communication cloud includes:

Customer Advocacy

Axim puts you in control of your cloud strategy from day one, identifying your critical risks; defining the applications, technology and data to rationalize; enabling ‘best-fit’ vendor selection; and building a financially-backed business case.

Cloud Migration

Axim reduces the risk of cloud migration failure by thorough migration planning; managing adherence and compliance; rationalizing your applications, technology and data to reduce complexity; and rigorous validation throughout the transformation process.

Operational Governance

Axim employs a suite of performance metrics and measurement tools to maximize the business impact of cloud transformation. We drive continuous improvement, vendor compliance and business and customer satisfaction.

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