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Nortel CS1000

Extending the life of CS1000 brings real value, or is it a false economy?

Extending the life of CS1000 brings real value, or is it a false economy?

By maintaining Nortel CS1000 after end-of-service-life organizations must wrestle some big security, resiliency and customer experience challenges. Axim helps overcome them so the big savings gained by not ripping and replacing don’t become a false economy.

More efficient, lower cost end-of-life management

Axim helps voice teams maximize the effectiveness and minimize the cost of Nortel CS1000 through end-of-support-life.

How? We recognize the growing wave of challenges that will impact CS1000, and we’ve tailored a suite of end-of-lifecycle management solutions to help organizations manage them. Axim will minimize the operational risks of outsourced support and maintenance; risk assess the constant threat advanced cybercriminals brings to aging, unpatched legacy; identify the risks to business agility and customer experience delivery; and navigate cloud migration.

It means voice teams can extend the lifetime value of Nortel CS1000, minimize its cost to the business, mitigate the commercial risks and be ready to transition the voice environment to the cloud.

5 big end-of-life management challenges

  • Maintaining the security of the voice environment
  • Safeguarding the growing threat to resilience
  • Navigating the rise in operational risk
  • Maximizing the customer experience
  • Optimizing an eventual cloud migration
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The benefits


Independent specialists

Vendor and platform-agnostic consultants with extensive Nortel and large-scale voice environment experience.


Secure voice environment

Enable aging technology to work harder to manage and mitigate the threats of increasingly advanced cyberattacks.


Increase resilience

Reduce the risk of voice outages and remediation times, and minimize the commercial and the customer impact.


Improve business value

Increase CS1000’s business return by better navigating the big operational and business agility challenges.


Safeguard CX

Ensure a legacy voice environment doesn’t compromise customer delivery, reduce satisfaction and lose customers.


Be more cloud ready

Migration plan CS1000 to the cloud, phase the transition and quantify the big commercial and operational risks.

Solution set

Axim offers a series of solution sets to optimize Nortel CS1000 end-of-life management.

Enterprise Communications Audit™

An architectural audit of entire CS1000 ecosystems that identifies the highest risks across the full voice environment. It brings clear visibility of the greatest single points of failure and less risk of outages. And it creates the knowledge to better manage aging voice technology, and more effectively integrate, consolidate and transform.

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Enterprise Sustainability Assessment™

A risk assessment of entire CS1000 ecosystems. It enables stronger risk management of the voice environment. An ESA™ identifies and minimizes security risks, service disruption, revenue loss, CX risks, corporate reputational issues and the operational dangers of new technologies. We can also analyze the cost and benefits of maintaining CS1000 or replacing it.

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Enterprise Communications Migration Design™

Architectural, voice migration design and multi-phased planning. An ECM™ audits the voice environment; identifies and mitigates the critical potential points of failure; ensures the maximum efficiency of CS1000 during a protracted migration; designs and phases a migration plan; and looks beyond planning to cloud governance, outlining the metrics and KPIs that define short and longer term success.

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Contact Center Experience Assessment™

An audit of the end-to-end CX ecosystem. A CCXA™ identifies the risks the voice environment poses to customer delivery, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. It unearths the critical single points of potential failure in the customer experience - and identifies the greatest risk of outages impacting customers.

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Latest thinking

5 tips to extend the lifetime value of Nortel CS1000

By maintaining Nortel CS1000 after end-of-service-life organizations must wrestle some massive security, resiliency and CX challenges. They could make the savings from not migrating seem a false economy. Here are five tips that could help.

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