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Operational Migration

De-Risk, Simplify
and Accelerate
Cloud Migration

De-Risk, Simplify and Accelerate Cloud Migration

Axim focuses a team of Business, Architectural, CX, Database and Security specialists, and a suite of project management toolsets on your migration success.

Operational Migration

Cloud migration failure rate is too high. Over 60% of cloud projects were harder than expected or failed, and over half went over budget*. Gartner claims the problem is a lack of application strategy and execution ability that is creating integration disorder, greater complexity and cost. Axim overcomes this. We identify the big risks and mitigate cost over-runs. We bring strong planning and tight oversight to migration. But most critically, we rationalize the applications, CX technologies, Martech and data that create complexity.

* TechRepublic

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Risk Mitigation

Identify and mitigate the biggest operational, cost and customer experience risks, before and not during a cloud migration.


Reduced Complexity

Rationalize applications, technologies, CX and Martech as well as data management, and simplify a cloud migration.


Business Continuity

Ensure business continuity, data integrity, CX delivery, and operational reporting continuity, during a cloud migration.


Migration Management

Drive Vendor compliance and tech performance, then optimize functional delivery, user acceptance and stakeholder satisfaction.



Our Approach

Migration Planning

Axim’s Architects deliver best-in-class strategic Migration Design and multi-phased Planning, built around best practices and phased enterprise Migration Planning – whether it’s premise to hybrid cloud or cloud-to-cloud. We have a track record of frictionless migrations.

Migration Risk Mitigation

Axim identifies and mitigates the biggest Operational Migration risks, from technology through to applications, security and data. We rationalize the applications, technologies and data that create complexity. And we identify where the big threats to business continuity, customer experience delivery and operational reporting continuity that frequently derail migrations.

Migration Governance

Axim delivers the oversight required for seamless migration. We ensure Vendor execution compliance; we oversee the rationalization of applications, data and CX technologies; we monitor the operational integrity of Lines of Business, CX delivery and business continuity; and we assess employee and LoB satisfaction with the migration.

Migration Validation

Axim validates the effectiveness of the migration, from the performance of the technology framework, through to a rigorous testing process that combines functional testing, load testing, user acceptance testing, and, reporting and data integrity testing. This is the first stage of a complete Optimization and Governance program.

Cloud Migration Fact Sheet

Thought Leadership

Over 50% of cloud migration projects stall or fail. See how a new approach is cutting failure rates.

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Bring More Experience to Cloud Vendor Selection

Axim brings an extensive knowledge of vendor capabilities and performance benchmarks help you identify the right vendor, then we support procurement to negotiate the right contract.

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