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Our approach

Operational excellence is about a different kind of management: lifecycle management

Operational excellence is about a different kind of management: lifecycle management

Operational excellence doesn’t happen by accident, but by detailed planning, brilliant execution and continuous optimization. It is why Axim has developed an operational excellence lifecycle management approach.

Axim’s Lifecycle
Management process

Axim’s three-staged approach helps embed operational excellence in enterprise communications and customer experience delivery.

Stage 1: Advocacy. We audit and assess your current state then build recommendations to improve operational excellence.

Stage 2: Migration. We design technology migrations and CX maturity programs that create the conditions for operational excellence.

Stage 3: Governance. We help build operational excellence by continuously optimizing enterprise communications and CX.

Axim Lifecycle Management

lifecycle management

Navigate our 3-stage process to transform operational excellence


Audit and assess current state, then build recommendations and strategies to lay the grounds for improved operational excellence.


outcome analysis

Drive compelling business outcomes through CX and Enterprise Communication operational efficiency analysis

Customer experience strategy

Focus CX operational effectiveness improvements through the lens of technology, people and processes

Enterprise architecture strategy

Capture current and target Enterprise Architecture and requirements to successfully drive Operational Migration efforts

migration design

Maintain operational business continuity during enterprise transformation events through focused design and planning

Migration deployment
and validation

The design, planning and validation process of maintaining architectural continuity for LOB's during an enterprise transformation event

Policy validation
and adherence

The design, planning and validation process of maintaining Corporate Policy adherence for LOB's during an enterprise transformation event


Continuous performance optimization of internal and external supplied services through monitoring and governance





Axim’s solutions and products

From optimizing enterprise architecture to transforming customer experience, Axim has a heap of solutions focused at creating operational excellence. Here's a selection:

Legacy management

Make complex enterprise communications architectures transparent, and better manage the operational impacts of aging legacy.

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Risk management

Isolate and manage the big organizational and commercial risks of inefficient enterprise communications architectures.

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Migration design

Increase the operational impact of complex migrations with better analysis, smarter design and stronger governance.

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Contact center business intelligence

Harness enterprise communications data to expand analytical possibility, maximize operational effectiveness and cut cost.

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CX efficiency measurement

Measure the operating effectiveness of your contact center CX delivery, and more efficiently deliver more profitable CX.

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CX performance management

Performance manage your customer experience operating model, end-to-end, and increase the return on CX expenditure.

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