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Risk management

60% of contact center employees say old technology risks operating excellence*

60% of contact center employees say old technology risks operating excellence*

Organizations must more effectively manage the risks posed by aging enterprise legacy technologies, but they lack the visibility or skills to quantify the business risk. An Enterprise Sustainability Assessment™ could be the answer.

*Call Centre Helper

*Call Centre Helper

Sustainability Assessment™

An Enterprise Sustainability Assessment™ (ESA™) de-risks your enterprise communication architecture.

Delivered by the industry’s most experienced architects it is built around a simple principle: effective risk management only happens with total visibility of the current state. They build an up-to-date picture of your enterprise architecture estate and product lifecycles. Then they identify the big organizational risks, and the potential impacts on service disruption, business continuity, disaster recovery and customer experience.

The result? A recommendation on how to manage immediate risks, and the longer term risks inherent in consolidation, migration to new environments or platforms, and digital transformation strategies.

5 things that cloud
enterprise architecture visibility

  • Constant evolution (business, upgrades, locations, touchpoints and channels)
  • Vendor and business-partner maintained solutions
  • Fragmented ecosystems not managed architectures
  • Increased outsourcing and managed services
  • Staff turnover and lost documentation
Download an ESA™ fact sheet
Download fact sheet

The benefits


A complete picture of the enterprise landscape

See current state geographic, architecture and trunking and
data network topology.


Identify the most
at-risk technologies

Better manage end-of-life, aging legacy and at-risk technologies.


Mitigate high-risk
enterprise architecture

Minimize service disruption
and optimize business continuity
and disaster recovery.


Understand the inherent risks in enterprise re-architecture

Better plan consolidation, digital transformation and cloud migration strategies.


Increase CSAT and reduce customer effort

Enable better customer service
and better user experiences.


Independent advice

Vendor and platform agnostic consultants who draw on hundreds of years of large-scale enterprise design experience.

Customer story

Read how the total visibility of an enterprise architecture helped a leading real estate software applications business realize $millions in risk avoidance and business efficiencies.

Download the story


Axim offers a series of add-ins to customize an ESA™ to your organization’s specific needs.

Cost benefit analysis

A cost and benefit modeling process that makes the business case for the ESA™ recommendations, by modeling cost savings, efficiency gains, sales uplift, retention gains, CX costs/gains and outage impacts.

Detailed Virtualization Baseline™

A current state high level overview depicting customer’s virtualized model. It includes Virtual Machine, VM OS, VM Host Name, Cluster Name, ESXi Host. Additional supplement to current state enterprise overview.

Traffic Performance Assessment™

An ability to architect best in class, more efficient traffic and performance capacity management: to support high volume peaks, upgrades, migrations, consolidations and acquisitions.

Contact Center Experience Assessment™

A tool to measure the operating effectiveness of contact center CX delivery. A CCXA™ benchmarks efficiency, identifies major inefficiencies and recommends operational improvements to uplift CX.

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Axim’s Lifecycle
Management process

Axim’s three-staged approach helps embed operational excellence in enterprise communications and customer experience delivery.

Stage 1: Advocacy. We audit and assess your current state then build recommendations to improve operational excellence.

Stage 2: Migration. We design operational migrations and CX maturity programs that create the conditions for operational excellence.

Stage 3: Governance. We help build operational excellence by continuously optimizing enterprise communications and CX.

Axim Lifecycle Management

lifecycle management
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Latest thinking

10 step guide to better managing the risks of aging and end-of-life contact center technology

This simple 10 step guide will help you manage technologies that are no longer supported, add new capabilities to aging solutions, and make legacy work harder for your customers, agents and business.

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