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Reduce the risks of more data and more channels.

More data is creating more threats of breaches or cyber attacks. More channels is increasing the threat of inconsistent experiences. Data and channel proliferation can massively impact your bottom line and the way customers see you.

How effective risk-control can solve your big CX challenges.
Bring stronger governance to data-risk management

We all face more data breaches and more sophisticated cyber attacks daily. The answer: packet capture that delivers network visibility at an unprecedented scale.

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Control customer experience and protect brands online

Retail brands open-up commercial possibility when they market online, and a whole world of danger. Axim’s Retina™ helps them balance risk and reward.

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Our solutions



breaches faster
and accelerate
recovery time


business data,
CX and corporate


stronger security
and efficiency at
lower cost

Limit data breaches and tighten network security.

SentryWire detects intrusions, minimizes damage caused by breaches and enables packet level analysis of any incident. It supports 1Mbps to 100Gbps capture rates, enables real-time filtering and allows weeks, months, even years of network traffic to be recorded, retained and analyzed. SentryWire provides the industry’s fastest search; high-speed, high-fidelity packet recording; real-time analytics and visualization; at 80% less cost than other systems.

The Benefits

  • Full packet capture.
  • Powerful and fast search.
  • Fast capture speeds.
  • Incident response.
  • Malware intrusion detection.
  • Network troubleshooting.

Axim Retina™


pricing, distribution,
retailers, content,


grey markets,
counterfeit products,
logo and asset abuse,
sales and marketing


brand protection,
channel optimization,
digital experience,
and content

Control online customer experience better.

The online marketplace controls pricing, distribution and messaging, brands don’t. Retina™ helps businesses retake control. By monitoring brands online globally and constantly; By creating actionable real-time retail intelligence on pricing, content, chatter and competitors; by streaming it to the right people at the right time; and by harnessing cross-channel expertise to find new ways to enhance online retail experience.

The benefits

  • View brands locally, regionally and globally.
  • Police counterfeit and grey markets, as well as IP.
  • Strengthen CX and retailer relations.
  • Optimize price and build competitive pricing strategies.
  • Understand online marketplaces in near-real time.
  • Protect brand value and revenue.
  • Control brand messaging and content.

How CX Governance can help you

CX capability
Increase the business impact of your CX strategies, tools and technologies.
Axim Evaluata™
Axim Barometa™
Minimize the negative impact of aging and EoL legacy on your customer service.
Online channel
Stop the internet damaging your customer experience and channel strategies.
Axim Retina™
Data risk
Reduce the threats of data breaches and cyber attacks to your corporate reputation.

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