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Transition from today’s network sniffer tools to tomorrow’s packet capture appliance

Mitigate security risk through faster network monitoring and troubleshooting

Accelerate network incident response: search petabytes of traffic in minutes

Packet capture weeks, months and years of traffic at up to 100Gbps

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Gain full visibility into your network traffic, past and present

SentryWire is a next generation packet capture appliance and network security platform that goes way beyond today’s network sniffing tools. It’s unique capture and storage architecture breaks the performance, scalability and expense barriers of existing frameworks. Now you can have 1Mbps to 100Gbps capture rates, real-time filtering and retain weeks, months and even years of network traffic for as little as 20% of the cost of other systems. SentryWire will even accelerate your incident response and network troubleshooting.

Full packet capture

Go beyond metadata and produce a high-fidelity traffic record.

Powerful and fast search

Search petabytes of network traffic in minutes.

Extended timeline

Store weeks, months or years of network traffic.

Fast capture speeds

Packet capture at speeds from 1Mbps to 100Gbps.

Next level intrusion detection

Accelerate network incident response times.

Visualization and analytics

Harness 3D visualization and custom analytics.

Massively extend packet traffic storage timelines

On average it takes 146 days to detect a breach in your network, the same for attacks by state sponsored intruders. Most businesses store about 4 days of packets: the cost and logistics of storage are just too great. SentryWire overcomes them. You can store hundreds of days of network traffic for a fraction of the cost. Avoid business downtime, safeguard corporate reputation and accelerate incident response and network troubleshooting.

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Full connectivity with existing security technologies

SentryWire integrates with and maximizes the impact of your security technologies, from cloud services to digital forensics to network sniffing tools.

UT/JICS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

How does one of North America’s foremost security laboratories help keep itself highly secure? That was the challenge facing UT/JICS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the most powerful super-compute platform in the U.S. Their answer was SentryWire.

UT/JICS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
and SentryWire

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Latest thinking

Make network security budgets go further

Security spending is no longer a bottomless pit. The greatest challenge for IT and network teams is not the next WannaCry, negligent or malicious insiders, or even needle in a haystack searches – it will be delivering a sufficiently deep security posture with insufficient budgets. Here are five strategies that could just help.

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