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Better performing
more secure
network infrastructures

Network infrastructures are no longer a rigid backbone they must be agile and adaptive to constantly changing needs, demands and threats. It’s demanding new thinking and innovative solutions and making DevOps, NetOps and SecOps new best friends.

The missing tool in
your network operations

Network infrastructures face constant change. Think cloud, software defined networking (SDN) and agile development. Virtualization is relentless, from compute and containerization to network and network function virtualization. New applications like IoT (control plane intensive), social media and video, (data plane intensive). Then there’s cybersecurity.

Network infrastructure management must marry effective and proactive responses to issues and accurate forecasting of future demand. Yet tooling has hardly developed and the data that fuels decisions is still largely empirical.

The SentryWire packet capture and analytics platform is the missing tool in organization’s network operations toolbox.

  • Lossless network-wide packet capture, means months of network data can be stored and indexed cost effectively
  • Rapid query and retrieval, allows operators to search, retrieve and replay critical data within seconds and perform preventive maintenance where needed
  • In depth insights and evidence of the usage patterns and trends enable organizations to understand and forecast demand reliably
  • Open API based, it integrates with a wide range of existing tools and information platforms like application and network performance management systems, to provide more relevant insights
Cybersecurity Isn't working
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SentryWire use cases

Network packet capture

Effective network and security operations start with simply and cost effectively capturing many months of full data packets, without this forensic investigation is impossible and the network security risks are substantial. Finding the needle in the petabytes haystack in seconds is vital, which requires effectively indexing data in near real-time during capture.

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Network performance management

Investigating a network performance incident effectively requires data – ideally a full recording of what transpired. The more complete the data set and the easier it can be accessed, the faster and more effective the response. It requires organizations have the full data set at their fingertips, can search and retrieve it in seconds and can integrate with their key tools.

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Application performance management

The right data is critical to effectively investigate application performance problems, preferably a full recording of what transpired. It means sessions can be replayed and analyzed, and operations teams can fully understand the root cause of any issue and provide the evidence to engineering for resolution, be it application developers or network engineers.

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Capacity planning

The network is critical to the organization’s communication: keeping it running and fit for purpose is paramount. But effective forecasting requires an in depth understanding of the current usage and trends in order to forecast future demand. Full packet capture allows in depth big data analysis and even machine learning to effectively forecast future demand and ensure the infrastructure is fit for purpose.

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Network intelligence

The rate of change in application landscapes is unprecedented, driven by cloud computing, virtualization, and agile development. To meet this infrastructure teams need a clearer understanding of what drives demand and what new requirements may be emerging, to identify trends, requirements, opportunities and threats to the infrastructure. It requires network intelligence to be smarter.

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SentryWire features

Full packet capture

Go beyond metadata and produce a high-fidelity traffic record.

Powerful and fast search

Search petabytes of network traffic in minutes.

Extended timeline

Store weeks, months or years of network traffic.

Fast capture speeds

Packet capture at speeds from 1Mbps to 100Gbps.

Next level intrusion detection

Accelerate network incident response times.

Visualization and analytics

Harness 3D visualization and custom analytics.

Partners and open API

Integrating SentryWire: partners and open API

SentryWire partners a broad range of leading vendors in threat analysis, network forensics and security analysis, and network application and performance management. It means a wide range of ready to use integration options. Your platform not listed? No problem, SentryWire has an open API.

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Latest thinking

Cybersecurity isn’t working. It’s time for a new solution and it starts with old thinking

We’re spending big on cybersecurity, but is it working? New attacks come daily and corporate reputations and shareholder value disappear overnight. The fact is cybersecurity spend isn’t delivering the return. What’s the answer? Don’t look to the future, re-imagine the past, starting with network packet capture.

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Support security and network operations

Rapid access to full packet capture data is critical to responding effectively to a security or a network or application performance incident. Full visibility allows faster network forensics: to understand, determine and implement the right, rapid response. Recordings match your data against newly published breaches and provide full evidence so you can understand what has happened, what data and systems are affected and how to most effectively respond.

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