What Makes Axim Nearshore Operations Different?

One of the fastest growing parts of Axim’s business is our Nearshore Center in Costa Rica. Since starting out three years ago our center has grown over four times its original size (with more growth already contracted in 2023), and our customers consistently reward us with glowing reviews and expanding contracts.

Axim’s Nearshore Operations stands out from the rest in many ways.

We focus on partnership.

Much more than the traditional “body shop”, Axim acts as our clients’ partner to navigate the offshoring process. We help customers find the skills they need within their budget, understand the pros and cons of different geographies, and improve their operational efficiency without sacrificing quality. Whether you simply need resources or are looking to make long-term investments in nearshoring, Axim is your guide throughout the process.

We hire and retain great people.

For US-based organizations Axim focuses on nearshoring, and particularly on Costa Rican resources (click here to learn why we chose Costa Rica as the hub of our operation). The candidates we present all meet our rigorous standards for English Fluency, Technical/Operational competency, attitude, and cultural fit, which saves our clients from having to sort through dozens of resumes to find the right person.

We provide careers, not jobs.

We pride ourselves in being a destination workplace, and many of our employees have come from employee referrals. We invest in our resources, help them develop new skills, and give them opportunities for career advancement. As a result, our attrition is nearly non-existent, and our CSAT scores are consistently near 100%.

We employ a proven Quality Framework that delivers consistently great results.

Axim recruits resources for our clients globally based upon their desired quality/cost balance. Regardless of where the individual resources reside, all our global resources are managed from Costa Rica using our proven process to ensure the best performance, quality, customer fit, and ongoing performance.

We align with our customers’ processes.

Axim’s primary model is Team Extension – Axim owns responsibility for recruiting, screening, and employing the resources, including providing HR support and full benefits. Our clients manage our resources as if they were members of their teams, and they fit into their existing processes, tools, and schedules.

If you are looking for ways to optimize costs, maintain or increase efficiency and customer experience, and leverage a global talent pool, get in touch with us to see how our difference is your advantage.

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