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CX Governance.

Make your customer experience investment more accountable.

Forget customer feelings and perceptions, your customer experience must start to deliver tangible business outcomes.

How CX Governance can help you

CX capability
Increase the business impact of your CX strategies, tools and technologies.
Axim Evaluata™
Axim Barometa™
Minimize the negative impact of aging and EoL legacy on your customer service.
Online channel
Stop the internet damaging your customer experience and channel strategies.
Axim Retina™
Data risk
Reduce the threats of data breaches and cyber attacks to your corporate reputation.
CX Governance

to CX 2.0.

More than $6bn was spent globally on CX management in 2017 yet businesses lost over $60bn to poor customer service, worldwide. Hoping customers will love you through great experiences is no longer enough, your CX investment requires strong governance.

Axim makes CX investment more effective.


We help increase the
operational efficiency
of CX ecosystems.


We help customer
channels deliver
more business value.


We help reduce the
business risks of
legacy and data.


We help CX and
digital transformation
to succeed, not fail.

Our solutions

Turn CX into business impact.

A massive CX ecosystem is spawning more technologies, applications, channels and service solutions. It’s making CX harder not better, and it’s losing customers not securing them. Axim has a range of solutions that make CX ecosystems more accountable and measurable.


Focus CX technologies
on business not customers.

Optimize and modernize contact centers and unified communications.

Sustainability Assessment™

See new potency
in CX legacy

Experience Architecture™

Architect enterprise

CX management

Make CX infrastructures operationally more effective

Increase the business return on your customer experience investment.

Axim Evaluata™

Make CX spend
work harder

Axim Barometa™

Make CX transformation
succeed not fail


Reduce the commercial and corporate risks of poor CX.

Mitigate the customer experience risks of more data and more channels.


Limit data breaches and tighten network security

Axim Retina™

Better monetize online customer experience

About us

80% of CEOs think their CX is good.
8% of their customers agree.*

* Source: Gartner CX Summit 2017

As organizations rush to invest millions of dollars in customer experience, complex and unwieldy CX ecosystems can build a wall between business and customer, quickly turning advantage into problem.

We believe great customer experience happens when you bring a lifetime of experience in technology, operations and marketing to the table. Hear how our founding partners are drawing on a wealth of knowledge to bring new thinking to customer experience management.

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